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Genelecs Go Mobile with Mansion

Natick, MA (June 8, 2009)--Mansion Mobile Television's recently unveiled flagship ME-2HD truck features 8240A bi-amplified active DSP monitors from Genelec.

Natick, MA (June 8, 2009)–Mansion Mobile Television’s recently unveiled flagship ME-2HD truck features 8240A bi-amplified active DSP monitors from Genelec.

Based out of Branson, MI and covering sporting/entertainment events throughout the Midwest, ME-2HD was designed by Santa Clara, CA-based integrator Diversified Systems. The truck’s Genelec 8240’s are set up as a 5.1 surround system with a Genelec 7260A Subwoofer, and a separate pair of 8030A bi-amplified active monitors is set up for PFL (pre-fade listen), allowing the engineer to listen to the program material prior to going live to air.

“We needed a number of things from our monitors,” stated Brad Palmer, Mansion Mobile Television vice president of operations. “We needed great, accurate sound, versatility and a consistent monitoring environment, and that’s what the 8240As provide us. Personally, I’ve used Genelecs for quite a few years now, in recording studio and broadcast applications, and I absolutely love their performance. The sound representation is very true with these monitors. Plus, we have a great relationship with Genelec, who has provided excellent company support.”

One of the keys to the 8240A’s use in the ME-2HD truck is Genelec’s proprietary GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software with AutoCal automated acoustical system-wide self-calibration algorithm. “It’s a truck, not a tuned studio room, so it’s a challenging audio environment, and we get a number of engineers who come in and work in this space, depending on the event,” stated Palmer. “The GLM lets us set up the environment inside the truck to get as true of a representation as we can for doing sports, entertainment and music production. We can tailor the sweet spot to be exactly where the engineer is sitting, and it really makes a huge difference.”

For added consistency of its monitoring environments, Mansion Mobile utilizes a pair of 8030As in the truck’s production control room.