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Gin Blossoms The Raconteurs and Ingram Hill At Ardent Studios

Memphis, TN (January, 20, 2006)--The Gin Blossoms recently returned to Ardent Studios to record an entire new album with Ardent's John Hampton, producer of their last two albums (1992's New Miserable Experience and 1996's Congratulations, I'm Sorry).

Memphis, TN (January, 20, 2006)–The Gin Blossoms recently returned to Ardent Studios to record an entire new album with Ardent’s John Hampton. Pictured during Gin Blossoms sessions are (l-r): Robin Wilson, Hybrid Records president Al Cafaro, Scott Johnson, John Hampton, Curry Weber, Manager Doug Merrick, and Jesse Valenzuela.Hampton produced the band’s last two albums–1992’s New Miserable Experience and 1996’s Congratulations, I’m Sorry.

Hampton is co-producing the new album with Gin Blossoms guitarist Jesse Valenzuela and has been engineering the sessions, assisted by Curry Weber. The first Gin Blossoms single is expected out soon.
During sessions for The Raconteurs are (l-r): Jack White, Patrick Keller, Brendan Benson, Jack Lawrence, and Engineer John Hampton.The Raconteurs, featuring White Stripes front-man Jack White and power pop master Brendan Benson, were also at Ardent this month doing some more work on their upcoming album.

According to an Ardent source, “The two are careful to emphasize that this is not a side project–rather, it’s a full-on band with full-on dedication from both White and Benson, as well as drummer Patrick Keller and bassist Jack Lawrence (who collectively made up the rhythm section on Loretta Lynn’s latest record).” Their single, “Steady as She Goes,” will reportedly be released very soon.
At Ardent working on a debut Hollywood record are (l-r): Ingram Hill singer Justin Moore, engineer Pete Mathews, Ingram Hill drummer Matt Chambless, and assistant Jason Gillespie.And, Memphis natives Ingram Hill, recently signed to Hollywood Records, were in the studio this month recording some demos for their new full length album. The band laid down four songs in four days. Pete Matthews was there behind the board, with Ardent’s own Adam Hill assisting.

Ardent Studios