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Globo TV Adds SoundField

Wakefield, Yorks., UK (March 10, 2010)--Brazil's Globo TV has become the first broadcaster in South America to purchase SoundField's digital surround microphone systems for HD broadcasting.

Wakefield, Yorks., UK (March 10, 2010)–Brazil’s Globo TV has become the first broadcaster in South America to purchase SoundField’s digital surround microphone systems for HD broadcasting.

The SoundField DSF-2/DSF-3 system has been installed in Globo’s new HD OB unit (the largest HD OB vehicle in the Southern Hemisphere, according to Globo), which entered service in mid-January 2010.

Globo began its plans for switching to 1080P HD broadcast in 2007, and sent managers to the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam that year to gather information about the equipment they would need for mobile HD broadcast with 5.1 audio. According to Anderson da Silva Viana, TV systems project engineer at Globo TV, SoundField was one of the first companies with which Globo had discussions.

“Before we had even listened to the SoundField system, we were impressed by some of the comments other broadcasters had made,” he explains. “The principal point for us was that we have to have a good downmixed product from 5.1. In Brazil, most TV sets are still mono and stereo. We wanted to produce a 5.1 signal with a good image and quality, but without affecting the quality of the mono and stereo audio, and we felt that SoundField’s products gave us that.”

“Another thing I judged very important for our model of transmission is that the SoundField DSF-2 only uses two cables to connect to the DSF-3 hardware in the mobile unit,” he adds. “This really helps our cable guys a lot, because that has decreased the number of cables we need to run into the stadium or venue. Also, the cables can be a very good length.”

The DSF-2/DSF-3 combination has now seen its first outings in Globo’s new HD OB unit, covering national soccer matches. The SoundField system will be used to originate 5.1 audio for a range of cultural programming, including live music shows and HD coverage of the annual Carnaval in Rio de Janiero.