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Gotham Audio Brought Back To Life By Pro Audio Vets Frisch amp Ammann

Nazareth, PA (September 14, 2005)--The newly founded Gotham Audio LLC marks the return of the Gotham Audio name, logo, and its tradition of professionalism to the American audio market. Founded in November 2004, the company is headed by pro audio industry veterans Lewis Frisch and Franz Ammann.

Nazareth, PA (September 14, 2005)–The newly founded Gotham Audio LLC marks the return of the Gotham Audio name, logo, and its tradition of professionalism to the American audio market. Founded in November 2004, the company is headed by pro audio industry veterans Lewis Frisch and Franz Ammann.
Franz Ammann and Lewis Frisch signing organization papers for Gotham Audio LLC, 11/04.
Based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Gotham Audio LLC markets and distributes Gotham Audio Cables to the recording, production and broadcast industries in the U.S. and Canada. The company also serves a client base in critical aerospace, naval and industrial applications where Gotham Cables are prized for their shielding, flexibility and durability under extreme conditions. Gotham will be exhibiting a wide range of analog and digital audio cables, many featuring the acclaimed “Double Reussen Shielding,” at the 119th AES Convention in New York, October 7-10, 2005 (Booth # 856).

“The new Gotham Audio LLC builds on Gotham’s proud heritage at the same time it honors one of the pro audio industry’s greatest names,” said Frisch, the company’s COO. “We are committed to preserving the use of the name by those with a real historical connection to Gotham Audio and with a direct knowledge of what the brand so proudly stood for in our industry.”

Gotham Audio Cables became familiar to all U.S. users of Neumann microphones from the mid-1970’s through the early 1990’s. Other manufacturers of prestigious microphones have also made these modestly priced European cables their cable of choice. When Gotham’s founder, Stephen Temmer, retired in 1985, he transferred the sales rights for Gotham Cables to his Swiss subsidiary, Gotham AG, headed by Franz Ammann, who now also serves as CEO of Gotham Audio LLC.

With the death of Stephen Temmer and dissolution of Gotham Audio in 1992, distribution of Gotham Audio Cables in the U.S. passed to a succession of independent distributors and became increasingly problematic. By the end of the decade, Gotham cables were often hard to find in the U.S.

Frisch and Ammann established Gotham Audio LLC in November 2004 to insure ready availability, excellent pricing and the highest level of personal service to clients in North America. The new company opened its fully stocked Pennsylvania warehouse in January 2005 and Gotham Audio LLC now stocks a complete selection of both bulk Gotham cable and terminated Gotham mic cable assemblies for immediate shipment to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Both of the company principals have been involved with the sale and representation of high end-audio products for close to three decades and are closely linked to the original Gotham Audio Corporation.

Ammann helped establish Gotham’s European office near Zurich, Switzerland. He now operates Gotham AG, which represents and distributes pro audio products in Switzerland and GAC-Trading Ltd. which oversees the worldwide distribution of Gotham Audio Cables.

Frisch managed a leading Neumann dealership in Atlanta during the mid-1980’s, renewing old ties with Gotham Audio sales manager Jerry Graham. Graham and Frisch had been co-workers at a Manhattan record store in 1966. In the 1990’s, Frisch managed sales for C.T.G., an Atlanta systems integrator, where he again worked closely with Jerry Graham on sales of Microtech Gefell microphones and with Ammann on sales of Gotham cables. Frisch also held management positions with the console manufacturer Amek (1990-1994) and the cable manufacturer Gepco (2001-2004).

The original Gotham Audio Corporation was an outgrowth of Gotham Recording founded in 1950 by Stephen Temmer. Temmer was born in Austria where he studied music and sang in the Vienna Boys Choir. During the 1940’s he continued his technical and musical studies in the U.S. and began a distinguished career in broadcasting as a music director with WNYE and WMIT and as a studio engineer for ABC. He was a pioneering user of Ampex tape recorders and Neumann microphones. Early success importing Neumann disc cutting lathes led Temmer to found Gotham Audio Corporation in 1958. Gotham served as the exclusive American distributor for Neumann over the next 30 years.

Gotham Audio imported and exported numerous high end professional audio products, marketed its own line of audio cables, and was instrumental in the development of new technologies for disc mastering, digital reverberation and digital recording. As an early pro audio dealer, Gotham established an industry standard for product knowledge, technical expertise and after-sales support. Like Temmer, Gotham staffers Russ Hamm, Jerry Graham and Jurgen Wahl were active in the AES, authoring numerous articles and technical papers, and lecturing frequently on recording technology.

Gotham’s most popular cables incorporate two layers of 100 percent coverage, bare copper wires, wound in opposite directions over the conductors to provide maximum RF rejection. This design, with its finely stranded copper wire and supple jacketing, ensures superb flexibility, easy handling and reliable, long life.

Gotham Audio LLC