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Grammys Go Through Genelec

Natick, MA (February 4, 2010)--Music Mix Mobile used Genelec 8200 series active DSP monitoring systems for the Grammy Awards telecast music mix.

Natick, MA (February 4, 2010)–Music Mix Mobile used Genelec 8200 series active DSP monitoring systems for the Grammy Awards telecast music mix.

The New Jersey/California-based remote facilities company is a collective consisting of industry veterans John Harris, Jay Vicari, Joel Singer, Mitch Maketansky and newly added West Coast-based partners Bob Wartinbee and Mark Linett. On Sunday, January 31, 2010, Music Mix Mobile captured and mixed the music for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, broadcast live in 5.1 on CBS-TV from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Grammy Award show broadcast music mixers John Harris and Eric Schilling, along with Music Mix Mobile engineer-in-charge Joel Singer, were on-site in the company’s dual M3 trucks, now known as M3 and M3 West. Genelec DSP systems consisting of 8250A bi-amplified active DSP monitors (in an LCR array) and 8240A bi-amplified active DSP monitors (LR rear), along with 7260A active DSP subwoofers, were used in Music Mix Mobile’s M3 truck for the live music mix, as well as in the identical mirrored system in the M3 West offline remix truck. Hank Neuberger, a prominent member of The Recording Academy Producers & Engineers Wing, supervised the broadcast music mix.

Singer stated, “Last year, when we added the new West Coast-based M3 West mobile recording truck, we wanted to have a consistent monitoring environment, not only for reference during recording and broadcast, but for the artists, producers and managers that come into our M3 trucks for playback. I have worked with Genelecs for years, and everybody is very comfortable with them because they’re the high-end industry standard. With a show like the Grammys, we’re rehearsing and playing back tracks for up to 15 hours a day for several days, but with the Genelecs, no one ever experiences ear fatigue. They deliver accurate, transparent sound, providing us with the security of knowing exactly what we’re hearing on the night of the broadcast.”