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Hammell To Head Harman Pro SDIG

Salt Lake City, UT—(October 5, 2010)--Graham Hammell has been named Director of Harman Professional’s System Development and Integration Group (SDIG).

Salt Lake City, UT—(October 5, 2010)–Graham Hammell has been named Director of Harman Professional’s System Development and Integration Group (SDIG).

The move comes as SDIG’s mandate has been broadened to address more Harman Professional product families and additional application markets.

“SDIG has developed HiQnet, System Architect and our internal AVB program to such a point that we now have extremely strong, scalable core technologies that we are beginning to deploy in a whole host of markets and applications,” said Rob Urry, VP and GM, Harman Professional Signal Processing Group. “Market experience, product design and integration experience at the leadership level will be critical to minimize the ramp up time and optimize efficiency. Graham has this experience and I am confident it will manifest itself in an exciting array of innovations that will be seen throughout Harman Professional and soon after in the market.”

Hammell joined Harman in 2000, as a software engineer at BSS in Potters Bar, UK, working on the BSS Soundweb London product family, first as Project Manager and later as Engineering Manager for HiQnet London Architect configuration and control software. In 2008, he was appointed to the role of Director of Applications Development, overseeing software interface development for Harman brands BSS, dbx, Lexicon and Digitech. In 2009, Hammell moved from the UK to Salt Lake City, where BSS’s operations had been moved some years earlier.

As Director SDIG, Hammell will lead the global Harman HiQnet development teams in the US and India. He will be responsible for strategizing the future of Harman’s core technologies – the HiQnet control protocol and its core system configuration application HiQnet System Architect. In addition, he will coordinate HiQnet development with all brands of the Harman Professional division and will direct the integration of the Ethernet AVB protocol into Harman’s system strategies.

“I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity of spearheading the development of Harman Professional’s core technologies,” said Hammell, “and integrating the next generation of Harman products. The adoption of the AVB protocol is hugely critical to the future of Harman systems and I very much look forward to integrating the protocol seamlessly into the Harman HiQnet ecosystem.”

Former Director Lynn Eggli will take up a new position at SDIG focusing on managing an engineering team dedicated to developing system design software targeted at specific markets.

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