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Harman Pro Expands Operations in Malaysia

Northridge, CA (June 2, 2010)--Harman Professional has added a sales processing team in Malaysia.

Northridge, CA (June 2, 2010)–Harman Professional has added a sales processing team in Malaysia.

Headed by order entry manager Asnura Arifin, the new team will handle all of the order processing for all distributors in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to Arifin, the team will include three other sales coordinators who will each be responsible for managing a different region of the country. Yuki Wan will be responsible for the order processing in north Asia and China; Saravanan Rathananthadevan handles the central Asia region that includes India; and Jackie Lee is in charge of the order processing in the south Asia region. All four members of the team have SAP and customer-service experience.

David McKinney, senior director of sales, Asia, said, “With the addition of this new sales processing team, Harman Professional is thinking globally and acting locally. We’re providing local market order entry teams to ensure we’re open when our customers and channel partners are open, and we’re addressing local market language and customs at a more sensitive level than ever before. We have already seen an improvement to the speed and efficiency of our order processing, and we all look forward to working with this new team in the future.”

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