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Pasadena, CA (March 21, 2011)--Engineer Rich Breen has been taking the Metric Halo ULN-8 on numerous sessions recently.

Pasadena, CA (March 21, 2011)–Engineer Rich Breen has been taking the Metric Halo ULN-8 on numerous sessions recently.

Breen spends most of his time at his home studio in Southern California, Dogmatic Sound, where the Metric Halo interface bridges the digital and analog worlds. “The ULN-8 is like a Swiss Army Knife for audio,” said Breen. “In addition to monitoring sends, the outputs feed analyzers and meters, including Metric Halo’s SpectraFoo, which is always up when I mix. But the ULN-8 really shines when I bring it to engagements in studios around town or to record live events.”

Breen recently brought the ULN-8 to record keyboardist Lyle Mays performance at one of CalTech’s TED Events. He also recorded the latest Yellowjackets release at Pasadena’s Firehouse Recording Studios. “I already know going into a session what kinds of mics and processors are available at Firehouse,” said Breen. “I’ve tweaked, for example, the drum inputs using the ULN-8’s ‘Character’ settings. So when I go in now, all I have to do is recall that setting and I’m ready to go. The last several recordings I’ve made at Firehouse have used the ULN-8 on drums, and it’s no coincidence that people are going out of their way to say they are some of the best drum sounds they’ve ever heard.”

Breen, whose recordings have won Grammy Awards in various categories over the years, continues, “Like a lot of converters, the ULN-8 sounds great in the predictable, utopian conditions of the recording studio,” he said. “But unlike a lot of converters, it sounds great in the most challenging live situations. Everyone focuses on the same specs: jitter, frequency response, and noise. But those don’t fully capture the performance of gear in the field. Not only are the ULN-8’s converters superb, the support circuitry, including the analog signal paths and the DSP, is top-notch. The performance has always been absolutely bulletproof under fairly rigorous conditions.”

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