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Heuves Retires from Ampco Flashlight Group

Holland/Belgium (December 9, 2008)--Fred Heuves, CMO of the Ampco Flashlight Group, has retired from the Group, effective January 1, 2009.

Holland/Belgium (December 9, 2008)–Fred Heuves, CMO of the Ampco Flashlight Group, has retired from the Group, effective January 1, 2009.

In a statement to company staff, industry colleagues and the media he said: “After working in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, of which the last 18 years have been within the Ampco Flashlight Group, I have decided the time has come to slow down and make room for the talented new generation within the Group. It has been an exciting period and looking back at how we started and what has been accomplished, not only in the industry in general but also within the Ampco Flashlight Group in particular, I feel a modest pride for all of us in this industry and in the Ampco Flashlight Group.”

Heuves’ roots in the industry reach back to 1976 with a sound rental company, later to forge a partnership with sales company, Ampco. In 1997, the two companies, along with entertainment lighting specialists Flashlight Rental, were acquired by Dutch broadcaster NOB. A management buyout five years later saw the new, combined Ampco Flashlight Group emerge as a major independent rental, sales, distribution and product-development group with an expanded management team and bases in several European countries.

Ampco’s reputation in the audio rental market also inspired the birth of the Synco Europe Network, also headed by Heuves, which has grown to become one of the world’s largest groups of independent sound production rental companies united by a standard equipment, training, trading and customer service philosophy.

This past summer, the Ampco Flashlight Group marked its development with the move to three brand-new, purpose-built office and warehouse buildings in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Commenting that he will complete various projects that are currently under way within the Group, Heuves added, “I want to thank all the people with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work closely for so many years. And about whom I have only good memories to look back at. Again, thanks for having the chance to work with you all.”

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