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Hit Factory Criteria Installs SSL Duality

Miami, FL (May 7, 2008)--The Hit Factory Criteria Studios celebrated its 50th anniversary by upgrading Studio F with a 48-channel SSL Duality console.

Hit Factory Criteria’s new SSL Duality console.Miami, FL (May 7, 2008)–The Hit Factory Criteria Studios celebrated its 50th anniversary by upgrading Studio F with a 48-channel SSL Duality console.

Trevor Fletcher, VP and General Manager of the studio, notes, “The ability to use the Duality as a 48-channel analog console one moment and a 32-channel DAW controller the next is a huge plus.” Janice Germano, owner, and Bob Lanier, COO of Hit Factory Entertainment, add that “the versatility of the console is probably the biggest thing for us and our clients. We are extremely excited to have the SSL Duality here at the Hit Factory Criteria.”

Hit Factory’s relationship with SSL dates to late owner Ed Germano’s first console purchase in 1984 and an additional 23 bought over the years between Hit Factory Criteria and the Hit Factory in New York, which closed in 2005. Fletcher states that with previous consoles from other manufacturers, “I was frequently confronted with trying to convince people to use them or trying to go into detail in terms of its abilities, sound quality, et cetera. People are more familiar with an SSL, so it takes less salesmanship and we can spend our time making sure the clients are happy instead of convincing them why they should be in that room.”

Since its installation, Duality has been used on projects ranging from hip hop to jazz to pop. “You may go in one day and have a salsa group being recorded and the next day its heavy metal,” says Fletcher “We have such a wide range of clients; it was an important consideration to make sure that the console was complimentary to our entire client base as opposed to a select percentage of it.”

Engineer Eric Schilling, a frequent Hit Factory Criteria client and SSL user since 1984, has mixed hits for Latin artists including Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias, Shakira and Cachao. “Since most of our work is all DAW-based, the fact that I can access that side of the recording process from the board just makes my work move a lot faster,” he says. “For a person like me who grew up on large-format consoles, it’s very hard to spend a lot of time at a screen with a mouse because that’s not the way I want to mix. The fact that the console runs the hard disk system means that I can work the way that I’m used to; it’s much more tactile for me.”

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