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Holophone Captures the Rose Bowl

Pasadena, CA (February 19, 2010)--Holophone's H2-PRO mic was used to capture a realistic surround sound image of the musical performances during the Rose Bowl game in January.

Pasadena, CA (February 19, 2010)–Holophone’s H2-PRO mic was used to capture a surround sound image of the musical performances during the Rose Bowl game in January.

Holophone worked the stage for the musical performances during the 2010 BCS National Championship football game between the Texas Longhorns and Alabama Crimson Tide, which took place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. The H2-PRO captured the National Anthem and “America the Beautiful” performances, and was also used for performances with Flea, bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and singer/songwriter Josh Groban, as well as for recording backup tracks in-studio.

“I have been working with the Tournament of Roses, the folks who produce the Rose Bowl game for nearly three decades,” says Andrew Waterman senior engineer/account manager at ATK and senior project manager/on-air mixer of the BCS Championship game. “Before I had a Holophone, I used to spend hours setting up, as I was running cable all over the stadium for several microphones. I would have 10 shotgun mics throughout the stadium, a couple on the 50-yard line, and then on the 20s, in the end zones and really just all over the place. Now, I just figure out where the best seat in the house is and place one Holophone H2-PRO in that spot and it does the job.”

One week prior to the event, Waterman hosted a recording session at Westlake Studios in Hollywood in order to capture backup instrumental tracks. The session included Flea, Groban, a five-piece horn section and a drummer. Waterman placed the Holophone around the horn section, which included two trumpets, two saxophones and a tuba.

When game day arrived, Holophone’s H2-PRO was set up on-field to capture the night’s performances in surround sound. Waterman used the horn and drum tracks from Westlake studio while Flea and Groban were live. The Holophone was also used to capture the crowd and for the actual on-air mix for Audra McDowell’s rendition of “America the Beautiful.”