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Hope Channel Installs SSL

Silver Springs, MD (June 1, 2010)--The Hope Channel Production Center recently installed a Solid State Logic 32x8 C10 HD console in its new HD production annex.

Silver Springs, MD (June 1, 2010)–The Hope Channel Production Center recently installed a Solid State Logic 32×8 C10 HD console in its new HD production annex.

“We were most impressed with the way the C10 HD gives us a very sophisticated platform to address the audio production operations for our intense programming schedule,” says Joe Sloan, operations and production manager for Hope Channel Production Center.

“We looked at all of the other major boards out there and decided the C10 HD was the most modern, had the most straightforward interface and matched our needs most directly,” says Sloan.

The Hope Channel Production Center is owned and operated by Seventh Day Adventist Church for the Hope Channel, a provider that delivers programming available around the world. It operates an expanding network that currently includes eight global channels available on satellite and cable, and three Internet channels with more coming on line this year. Hope Channel affiliates with or owns over 40 studios around the world where it is able to provide a rich variety of culturally relevant programs that appeal to all ages. The Hope Channel has several offices, television studios and uplink centers in places such as Brazil, Germany, South Africa and the U.S. As the production demands are vast, the C10 HD has been used to produce more than 100 programs in the first month of operation.

According to Sloan, “A big deal for us in choosing the C10 HD was the ability to control how much access people will have to console functions as we have many freelance and part-time engineers that will use the C10 HD to meet our production schedule. It is very useful to us that we can set up the console so that a novice user can operate the board without the fear, on everyone’s behalf, that the more permanent settings on the board could inadvertently become unraveled.”

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