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Hyperbolic Audio Hosts Enchanted VO

New York, NY (August 12, 2009)--Hyperbolic Audio recently hosted sessions for a who's who of New York-based voiceover talent for a new animated pilot, Enchanted Thyme.

New York, NY (August 12, 2009)–Hyperbolic Audio recently hosted sessions for a who’s who of New York-based voiceover talent for a new animated pilot, Enchanted Thyme.

Hyperbolic Audio was called upon by award-winning Florida-based animation director Mark Simon, when he needed to direct voice recording sessions for Enchanted Thyme, a series based on award-winning playwright Ariane Smith’s children’s book of the same name.

Hyperbolic’s engineer Jeannine Guenther and recently signed veteran mixer Steve Bucino collaborated on the project. The team integrated Skype technology into Hyperbolic Audio’s ISDN capabilities to provide the director and talent with a virtual on-site experience, which enabled Simon to evoke the kind of performances that could only be achieved with a face-to-face, on-site session.

Guenther recorded the roster of talent for the pilot, as Skype was employed utilizing a laptop with a built-in camera, positioned outside the recording booth window.

Although ISDN lines are commonly used to facilitate long-distance direction, this was the first time that this accomplished group of actors had ever had an opportunity to record a session with real-time video feedback from an off-site director. Everybody concurred that the one-to-one interaction raised the caliber of performances.

“We see objects and actions that are grounded in a realistic existence, so I wanted to exaggerate their characteristics with some obvious–as well some unexpected–sound references,” says Bucino. “I had a lot of fun experimenting with the sounds in Hyperbolic’s Yamaha S90ES synthesizer, as well as experimenting with a variety of sound effects from our ever-expanding library.”

“Hyperbolic Audio’s Soundminer software’s ability to facilitate fast and completely comprehensive workflow for searching, auditioning and editing sounds–even before they were sent to Pro Tools–was a real asset to this project. We received the final animation in sections, so it was helpful to see it come to life,” adds Bucino.

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