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ILIO Announces Samplebase and Satellite Sample Download Service

Malibu, CA (March 1, 2006)--ILIO has announced Samplebase and Satellite, a new sample download service ( combined with a plug-in sample player instrument (Satellite).

Malibu, CA (March 1, 2006)–ILIO has announced Samplebase and Satellite, a new sample download service ( combined with a plug-in sample player instrument (Satellite).

The Satellite sample player is the result of a two-year collaboration between ILIO, distributor of sample libraries and virtual instruments, and Muon Software, developer of the 64-bit Tachyon virtual instrument engine. All sounds available on the Samplebase site will be formatted for the custom Satellite player, eliminating the hassles of managing and supporting multiple instrument formats.

By opening the Samplebase site to sound developers from around the world, ILIO aims to create a global community of artists who will produce the sounds and beats that inspire a new generation of musicians, songwriters and composers.

Available as a free download to all registered Samplebase users, Satellite plays back all Samplebase instruments and loops with no restrictions. Features of Satellite include:

-Cross-platform support including Windows VST and Mac VST/AU versions
-Efficient yet flexible sample playback engine with up to 127 velocity zones per key and a multitude of sample and zone-level parameters
-Up to 1,024 voices of polyphony (CPU dependent)
-Synthesis engine with 10 filter types along with dedicated envelopes and syncable LFOs (with multiple waveforms) for the Pitch, Filter and Amplitude sections
-16-part multi-timbral with convenient key split and layering capabilities at the multi level.
Integrated 16 channel mixer with 2 effects sends and 2 aux busses (each with their own send controls) per channel for flexible effects routing and processing.
-17 built-in effects.
-8 “Quick Edit” control knobs available per patch for fast parameter editing and automation.
-All interface controls automatable via standard MIDI controllers including min/max parameter range settings.
-Ability to load up to 1,000 multis (each with their own 4 FX patches) and 1,000 instrument/loop patches into memory simultaneously.
-Sliced loops (e.g. REX loops) automatically sync to the host tempo and can be transposed “on-the-fly” from the keyboard.

If you are a sample developer and you would like to become a part of this new service, visit and fill out the online developer form for further information. For more information, and a full list of features, on the Satellite player, visit