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Independent Mastering Celebrates Eight Years

Nashville, TN (April 14, 20090)--In 2001, Eric Conn and partner Don Cobb opened Independent Mastering to tackle audio post and CD mastering.

Nashville, TN (April 14, 20090)–In 2001, Eric Conn and partner Don Cobb opened Independent Mastering to tackle audio post and CD mastering.

To celebrate Independent’s eight-year run, Conn and Cobb are offering mastering giveaways to randomly selected independent artists from around the world, one per month. Details will be announced in late Spring.

Says Conn, “We’ve had a lot of support from our worldwide clients over the years, some of whom we’ve never even met, thanks to Internet FTP and FedEx. We felt it was time to give a little back to the community.”

This year has seen three John Waite projects, including the complete re-mastering of Figure In A Landscape from the original source tapes, and bonus tracks to Temple Bar and When You Were Mine. Also in the studio this year were Ray Benson, putting the final touches on Willie And The Wheel featuring Willie Nelson and Asleep At The Wheel (co-produced by the late Jerry Wexler), and Nickel Creek’s Sarah Watkins with producer John Paul Jones, wrapping an upcoming project for Nonesuch Records.

Independent has also added a B room, due to launch in May. “We currently have three Sonic Solutions/SonicStudio workstations and one SADiE workstation online all day, every day, in A room and a small editing room,” says Conn, “but we can’t handle the foot traffic. Adding a second suite will allow us to better streamline the workflow and have more room for attended sessions.”

Though based in the Country Music capital, Independent Mastering’s discography includes a variety of record labels, producers, artists, and engineers from around the world and within all genres of music.

The facility features a range of digital workstations and vintage analog gear. The studio works with all forms of digital audio, from CDs, DATs, AIFFs and WAVs to Pro Tools sessions. For older recordings on tape, baking is available and transfers can be made via a fully restored Ampex 351 with original electronics; 2-, 3-, or 4-track tape transfers are made to any customer-preferred media, and disc transfers of transcription lacquer or vinyl are also handled. Restoration work, featuring NoNOISE and Cedar systems, preserves the performance of the original tape or disc while bringing the media up to date.

Conn’s career of over 16 years has been devoted entirely to music production, working in all genres for such artists as Joan Osborne, Skid Row, the Imperials, Young Buck, Janis Ian, John Prine and others. He worked at Doug Sax’s Sheffield Lab Recording and Denny Purcell’s Georgetown Masters in Nashville before opening Independent Mastering in 2001.

Cobb has over 30 years of experience in the recording field. As a recording and mix engineer he has worked for artists including James Taylor, the Pointer Sisters, Quincy Jones, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Dan Fogelberg, Jimmy Buffett and Take 6. In 1987, he was invited by the late Denny Purcell to join his staff, where he was introduced to the “black art” of mastering. Over the next 14 years, he participated in the editing and mastering of hundreds of album projects. Since 2001, Cobb has worked with artists such as Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Alison Krauss and Tim O’Brien at Independent Mastering.

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