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Indian Broadcaster Implements Dalet Archive

Singapore (February 24, 2009)--Indian national broadcaster Doordarshan has implemented the Dalet Media Library system to digitize the broadcaster's national media archives.

Singapore (February 24, 2009)–Indian national broadcaster Doordarshan has implemented the Dalet Media Library system to digitize the broadcaster’s national media archives.

With central operations in Dehli, Doordarshan has bureaus throughout the country and is the only broadcaster to reach a national audience. Doordarshan archives include thousands of hours of programs, covering India’s cultural, historical and religious events, current affairs as well as government and political commentary. Most of this archival material was largely untapped because the content was not easily searchable and existed only in tape-based versions, making it difficult to share.

With the help of integrator HCL Infosystems Ltd, Dalet professionals have installed a r media asset management platform that facilitates the migration of existing tape-based content as well as newly created content into a centralized digital repository. The advanced Dalet search and browse engine in Dalet Media Library makes the archived material accessible both locally by workstations connected to the network and remotely by any PC with a web connection.

“The Doordarshan project is one of the first media asset management initiatives in India’s public broadcast market,” says Anurag Kumar, deputy general manager for HCL Infosystems. “This first phase constitutes the heart of the enterprise system. It provides the core, fundamental workflow in which media–existing, present and future–will be stored in a central database and readily available in just about any format by any authorized user regardless of location.”

The new Doordarshan digital workflow incorporates NetApp NAS technology for ingest and production online storage, and IBM tape library for nearline storage, controlled by Front Porch Diva HSM. Dalet Media Library manages all the media operations such as conversions of media into proxies for fast online viewing, transfers between different storage units, indexing of the video content. Dalet also provides tools for search, retrieval, storyboarding, exchange and integration to ensure content distribution.

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