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Plougoumelen, France (April 21, 2011)--Innovason has unveiled the latest incarnation of its Eclipse digital mixing console, Eclipse GT.

Plougoumelen, France (April 21, 2011)–Innovason has unveiled the latest incarnation of its Eclipse digital mixing console, Eclipse GT.

The look of the Eclipse GT has changed considerably with the integration of features like a side rail to facilitate moving and carrying, as well as some aesthetic touches like the red LEDs in the side-cheeks (which may be switched off if necessary) and the signature Innovason red trackball. Another major change is the “feel” of the console from an operator’s point of view. According to the company, all of the knobs and faders have been selected to give the desk a more expensive “feel.”

All of the features of the original Eclipse (such as the M.A.R.S. onboard multitrack recorder, Virtual Soundcheck and the Broadway function for seamless changeover from a live to a recorded soundtrack) are an integral part of the Eclipse GT. The M.A.R.S. computer acts as a redundant control computer and can take over all control and display functions. Eclipse GT also retains Innovason’s SmartFade and Smart-Panel features for flexibility and configurability.

Innovason sales director, Marcel Babazadeh, explains, “What we did was to take everything that customers loved about Eclipse–the new technology, flexibility, audio quality, production reliability and an excellent price/performance ratio–and then translated that performance profile into real technology. We improved the areas that still needed improving, refined certain things and ‘lifted’ the look and feel. In other words, we have optimized the full potential of Eclipse, and the result is Eclipse GT–a live console that significantly increases your fields of application and handles all aspects of everyday work with ease, from setup to soundcheck through to production and performance. We are all proud of what we have achieved with Eclipse GT, and we’re confident that our customers will feel the same.”