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ISP PA Installed at Naval Alumni Hall

Annapolis, MD (March 16, 2010)--ISP Technologies’ HDL 4210 line arrays were recently installed at Alumni Hall, the multi-purpose arena and assembly hall of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Annapolis, MD (March 16, 2010)–ISP Technologies’ HDL 4210 line arrays were recently installed at Alumni Hall, the multi-purpose arena and assembly hall of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

When ISP Technologies offered a demonstration of the new HDL4210 Line Array System at Towson University, which is located close to the US Naval Academy, a representative from the Naval Academy also attended and became interested in installing a system at the Hall. The Naval Academy’s Alumni Hall is an indoor stadium completed in 1991 that seats 5,710 and hosts as many as 300 functions a year. Not only is it the main assembly hall for the Brigade of Midshipmen, it is also used for athletic contests and is the home for both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The Hall is also used for lectures, assemblies, theatrical productions, concerts and is the home of the Bob Hope Performing Arts Center.

“Over the span of a few years, we were able to hear many different systems, both here in our own building during concerts and at other venues in the area,” said Dic Gleason, Auditorium Operator at Alumni Hall. “Coverage, gain before feedback, and vocal intelligibility were our biggest concerns. Once we heard the ISP line array, we knew we had found our solution. We are very happy with the way the HDL 4210 speaker system has been able to handle whatever we have thrown at it, including the capability to really rock the house when we need to. The system has amazed everyone that has had the chance to hear it.”

ISP Technologies worked with AVI/SPL to deliver the Alumni Hall solution. “We were extremely impressed with the quality and fidelity of ISP Technologies’ HDL4210 Line arrays paired with their XMAX 212 subs at the US Naval Academy’s Alumni Hall,” said Jeff Vogt, Design Engineer at AVI-SPL. “Furthermore, ISP proved an invaluable partner in the timely installation and commissioning of the sound system, as their staff went beyond our expectations by supporting our role as a design/build integrator. We look forward to working with ISP on many more projects to come.”

The system utilized the ISP High Definition Series 4210 Line Array boxes; eight hangs of the HDL 4210’s, utilizing both the 6 and 12 degree boxes, along with the XMAX 212 folded horn subwoofers, made up the system to cover the space in three different configurations. These include: The Bob Hope Theater configuration with a Left, Center, Right mode at the end of the arena; Lecture configuration providing coverage of 75 percent of the total arena; and a Full configuration providing a full 360-degree coverage typically used for basketball and full arena events.

The ISP cabinets are also “green,” as the patented ISP Technologies DCAT power amplifier technology, combined with novel horn loaded design, pulls far less current than most competitors. ISP Technologies manufacturers its Pro Audio gear in the United States, with most of the production done in Michigan.

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