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It Takes An Adamson PA To Make A Village Church

Dallas (April 5, 2010)--The Village Church's Flower Mound Campus Worship Center, recently built out of a vacated Albertson's grocery store, sports a new Adamson SpekTrix PA.

Dallas (April 5, 2010)–The Village Church’s Flower Mound Campus Worship Center, recently built out of a vacated Albertson’s grocery store, sports a new Adamson SpekTrix PA.

The main sanctuary is a 1,400 seat worship center. The worship center’s versatile stage design caters to many musical styles of various sizes and the sound system needed to be designed more as a theatrical venue rather than a traditional church. It would need to be a scalable system providing even coverage, and with clear vocal reproduction. Due to the size of the venue and the need for scalability, the Adamson SpekTrix Series was chosen.

SpekTrix features both 5 and 15 degree (vertical) enclosures which accommodate the low trim height inherited from the venue’s grocery store days. Some Point Series enclosures were added as front fill boxes and in the children’s room. Consulting and the sound systems design was Acoustic Dimensions’ Jim Burdette, and the installation was executed by Clair.

The installation features six Adamson Arrays made up of a combination of SpekTrix and SpekTrix Ws: Efx L, Array A – Array B – Array C – Array D and Efx R. In between Arrays B and C, there are three JBL Subs in line, and directly behind the B and C Arrays, Adamson SpekTrix Subs are flown. Original placement was at the top of the main arrays, but the subs were moved behind due to sight lines. The system of flying subs directly behind the main array is a factory suggested method which utilizes two rigging frames and a standard Adamson Frame Link Adapter.

Not all six arrays are run simultaneously, but are matched to the location of where the performance is taking place: “Because of how wide the stage is we created a system that can be adapted to wherever the performance is taking place. If someone is speaking center stage, we use center clusters. When the band performs stage right, the sound is coming from a set of arrays acting as a stereo pair thus placing the sound closest to the band.” comments production manager Dustin Hamilton.

“The speakers deliver an impressive amount of volume. Usually for a band performance we only run two of the six (arrays) and still have some headroom. I am very impressed with the Point 8 speakers as are the installers and designers; the quality and volume is simply amazing,” Hamilton adds.

The installation included all Lab.gruppen amplifiers with BSS London for DSP.

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