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Its the Most Wonderful Song of the Year

Minneapolis, MN & Los Angeles, CA (December 22, 2006)--Simply put, the new holiday campaign from Best Buy was the largest undertaking in music and sound company BWN's history.

Minneapolis, MN & Los Angeles, CA (December 22, 2006)–Simply put, the new holiday campaign from Best Buy was the largest undertaking in music and sound company BWN’s history.

“My career has kind of grown in lock step with Best Buy’s growth,” commented BWN co-founder/composer Ken Bramstedt. “I had my first music production job over 10 years ago when they hired me to create an original music piece for a television spot. At the time they were a regional electronics retailer. Things have changed a lot since then.”

BWN’s Los Angeles and Minneapolis teams worked hand-in-hand with the Best Buy advertising agency to select a classic song to support the seven-spot campaign. The final choice, the iconic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” would ultimately be re-arranged and recorded by BWN in a myriad of styles (and levels of irony and hilarity) to suit each spot’s narrative including Goth, Ska, Lounge, big band, cinematic, hip hop, and old school funk.

“We had the additional duty of producing the vocal arrangements for this variety package. Its something that we all really love doing, and I have to admit it was fun holiday fun even though it was only September,” Brahmstedt concluded.

The spots are comprised of two sections; half are stories about the pursuit of the perfect gift and the second part features real Best Buy employees who highlight the great items and value available at Best Buy. BWN’s Carl White and Justin Asher then created extensive sound design while White recorded voiceovers by the real employees and mixed all of the elements–music, voiceover, on camera narrative–in Los Angeles so that all of the post would be handled in the same city at a major time saving to the agency. The project wrapped in time for the launch in early December.

Brahmstedt White Noise (BWN)