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J Sound Services Launches JSSNet

Nashville (April 10, 2009)--J Sound Services, a company specializing in the design and build of fixed and mobile audio systems, theatrical and architectural lighting, video and video production, has just launched its website,

Nashville (April 10, 2009)–J Sound Services, a company specializing in the design and build of fixed and mobile audio systems, theatrical and architectural lighting, video and video production, has just launched its website,

A veteran live sound engineer with decades of experience working with household-name acts, Jason Spence, owner of JSS and, created his company by building relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of products he believed in–products he needed to work every day and which complimented solutions to his needs. With himself as the first and only customer, satisfying the customer was, of course, his top priority.

Initially, Spence didn’t realize that what he had embarked upon was actually the development of a process that satisfied the customer from the initial communication all the way through to delivery and or installation. Inadvertently, he created a process of establishing the exact needs of the client, designing an appropriate solution, meeting a budget and developing a plan to execute an efficient implementation and completion of a project. With much trial and error–and now a small group of friends as his customers–J Sound Services was born.

As JSS evolved, product lines were expanded to meet the demands of his growing list of clients the way he knew they needed to be met. Simply by listening to the customer and reacting, JSS has innovated with order and delivery methods, and continues to add features, services and programs designed to make the customer’s life easier.

Armed with Spence’s approach to the design and build process, and a methodology for delivering gear and supplies to the touring market, JSS began to lend advice to another market that could benefit: today’s Houses of Worship. With the introduction of Praise and Worship Bands to the worship service, and the new designs of worship halls of all sizes, the requirements of these venues are now very similar to that of a “rock show.” With Spence’s extensive touring experience as a sound mixer in a variety of genres, and the extended experience within the JSS staff, it only made sense that these new clients sought and placed value in JSS’ ability to meet the technical requirements needed from the clients’ systems. To satisfy their customer’s goals and needs, JSS offers such exclusive brands as Nexo, Yamaha and Color Kinetics–products seen and heard from on such high profile events such as Super Bowl 2009 to the 2008 Olympics., launched on April 3, is the latest tool being implemented to achieve Spence and JSS’s goal of improving the way industry professionals get their goods. Simultaneously, the site has been developed as a place to learn more about a product prior to purchase, as well as a resource for news and information about the industry in general. “The ultimate goal of is to become an industry resource for customers and other industry professionals to make more informed decisions about their purchases and the application of the products they purchase,” Spence explains. “The technology is tough to keep up with and it can be an overwhelming process just to buy a piece of gear. We are constantly adding content to the website to aid in this process. And when you call, we will make sure an appropriate representative is appointed to deal with your questions and concerns.”

Offering more than just product brochures (although you’ll find those there, too), visitors will find blogs maintained by working professionals in the industry, ranging from touring professionals to house of worship staff; they’ll eventually cover topics in audio, lighting and video as well. “Yes, all three departments all in the same place,” states Spence, “all getting along, I hope. Developing a healthy interaction between the individuals responsible for the various aspects of live performance production was born from being confined to the inside of a tour bus with all of them. We even welcome musicians (some of us even like to pretend we are musicians).”

With ongoing development, Spence concludes that will achieve its potential to be “a destination site for production industry professionals; not just another online store.”