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JamSync Celebrates Busy 10th Anniversary

Nashville (October 30, 2007)--"From talking vegetables to dancing girls, we've had one terrific year," says JamSync's president KK Proffitt. "All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better tenth-year anniversary."

Nashville (October 30, 2007)–“From talking vegetables to dancing girls, we’ve had one terrific year,” says JamSync’s president KK Proffitt. “All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better tenth-year anniversary.”

JamSync completed several surround mixes for Big Idea’s VeggieTales during the first part of 2007. VeggieTales is a cartoon shown on NBC/Universal and Telemundo and also distributed on DVD. “It was strange working in Spanish, but I have a degree in French, so I could understand a lot of the dialogue,” says Proffitt. “As usual, I had to prepare tracks for broadcast, for DVD, and for future modification as stems. Making sure that engineers downstream can work with good tracks in the future is part of providing a professional product.”

In the spring of 2007, JamSync began shooting music videos and preparing them for DVD, broadcast, and web distribution. Proffitt explains, “I’ve always wanted to shoot music videos and I especially enjoyed working in 24p with Final Cut, Motion and DVD Studio Pro. My history as an audio engineer really comes in handy because I can edit the video and then bring it into ProTools to make sure the audio matches exactly. These days, I’m asking for unmastered mixes because mastering engineers generally tend to overcompress for CD and that spells death for lossy compression for DVD and web distribution.”

John Tigert and Jim Pollard are two of the artists who hired JamSync to produce, edit and prepare their work for distribution. “We shot Jim Pollard’s ‘Sugar’ at Northstar Studios and we had a great time. They treated us like royalty and the shoot went off without a hitch. I hope we have another opportunity to work with them in the future.