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Berlin, Germany (April 27, 2011)--Jünger Audio has introduced its T*AP TV audio processor.

Berlin, Germany (April 27, 2011)–Jünger Audio has introduced its T*AP TV audio processor.

The device, which is primarily designed for TV play-out facilities, provides loudness control, upmix and surround-sound processing for up to eight channels of audio. It is compliant with ATSC, ITU and EBU R128 loudness recommendations.

T*AP is a wide-band, 8-channel processor (8×1, 4×2, or 6+2) that focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using the company’s Level Magic algorithm. Using the proprietary Spectral Signature technology, it reportedly offers equalization so that the sound can be “colored” much more easily than one can achieve with a traditional multi-band sound processor, according to the company. Optional Dolby Decoding and Encoding (D, D+ or Pulse), as well as metadata management, are also provided.

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