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JoeCo Adds BlackBox Recorder Options

Cambridge, U.K. (March 9, 2010)--BlackBox Recorder manufacturer JoeCo has released its latest software update.

Cambridge, U.K. (March 9, 2010)–BlackBox Recorder manufacturer JoeCo has released its latest software update.

Version 1.1 now allows recording direct to USB flash drives and will also format any USB2 disk drive as required. These latest features are intended to make live performance recording more flexible and cost-effective for artists.

“As well as being a great touring resource, the BlackBox Recorder is also ideal for installing in smaller venues, pubs and clubs, permanently hooked up to a live console,” says JoeCo managing director Joe Bull. “It gives visiting bands and artists a rare opportunity to take away a multitrack of their performance, without the need to bring half their home studio with them. Now, it’s simply a case of plugging in a flash drive before the start of the set and pressing record. It’s an absolute no-brainer. Once the set has finished, the band can be on their way with a 24-channel recording on pocket-sized media, ready to plug straight into a Digital Audio Workstation for editing. The new formatting feature will also be helpful in cases where you need to swap out a hard drive just before a performance. This feature makes the BlackBox Recorder completely self-contained.”

Existing users can download the software from the JoeCo website or contact their dealer.