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John Mayer Gets Clinical in Free Video

Boston, MA (March 27, 2009) is now offering access to video episodes of an intimate music clinic with Berklee alum John Mayer.

Boston, MA (March 27, 2009)– is now offering access to video episodes of an intimate music clinic with Berklee alum John Mayer.

The seven-time Grammy winner returned to his alma mater and talked about his experiences in the music industry, performed some of his most popular songs, and presented hard-won advice to aspiring musicians.

“There was something happening. There was this definition of my self, of my identity. All of a sudden, I found this perfect balance with Berklee,” commented Mayer. “I knew I had to sing my own songs when I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing them.”

The John Mayer online video series includes such topics as “Defining Your Expectations,” “Economy in Songwriting and Playing,” “Honesty in Songwriting,” and “The Songwriting Process.” In addition to Mayer’s recollections and inspirational advice, he performs “Who Did You Think I Was,” “Waiting on the World to Change” with Berklee guitar professor Tomo Fujita, “Gravity,” and unveils a new, unfinished song.

Each of the nine webisodes is coupled with suggested Berkleemusic online courses. Students are invited to explore success in the evolving music industry by studying The Future of Music and the Music Business, learn Berklee’s approach to the construction of chords and chord voicings in Guitar Chords 101, strengthen vocals with Voice Technique 101, and become a more versatile rock guitarist with the Professional Certificate in Rock, Rhythm, and Blues Guitar.

In the webisode entitled “Honesty in Songwriting,” Mayer recalls, “Taking a walk because you know you have a song and you’re going to come back after dinner and finish that bridge. That is the high of all life. You’ve created something for free that will give you identity and purpose and the feeling of being awake in every way.”

In addition to the John Mayer series, Berkleemusic provides online students with a large collection of exclusive interviews, clinics, and performances previously available only to students at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.