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Junger Audio Works Its Magic

Berlin, Germany (June 4, 2009)--Satellite Telecommunication Networks (STN) in Slovenia has invested in Junger Audio's Level Magic technology.

Berlin, Germany (June 4, 2009)–Satellite Telecommunication Networks (STN) in Slovenia has invested in Junger Audio’s Level Magic technology.

STN, which provides play-out and transmission services to broadcasters worldwide, currently operates 10 satellite uplinks and has a state of the art play-out facility in Ljubljana, which is capable of handling both SD and HD formats. Its international customer base includes more than 80 private television stations, public television corporations and over 50 radio stations.

With such a wide variety of incoming audio signals to contend with, STN needed a way of controlling its audio output so that peak level and dynamic range didn’t vary between programs.

After researching various options, STN chose Junger Audio’s b46 four-channel digital dynamics processor. This unit incorporates the company’s Level Magic adaptive level control algorithm, which is designed to adjust the level from any source at any time, with no pumping, breathing or distortion. STN has now installed 12 b46 units, four of which incorporate Junger Audio’s SDI option. It has also invested in two Junger Audio b45 four-channel digital audio delay units for its ISDN-equipped sports commentary booths.

Tomaz Lovsin, managing director of STN, says, “We were looking for a unit that was not only a compressor/limiter/gate/normalizer, but also incorporated a great AGC. Ideally we wanted a unit that had an SDI/IO interface so that we could eliminate the need to de-embed and re-embed audio from (HD)SDI sources. The Junger Audio b46, with its optional SDI card, gave us everything we were looking for–and because the system is entirely automated, we are able to use it in a ‘set and forget’ manner without ever having to worry about making manual adjustments.”

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