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K-Array Mad Men Conquer Times Square

New York, NY (August 11, 2010)--AMC's hit series Mad Men recently made its season's fourth premiere in New York’s Times Square with the aid of a K-array loudspeaker system.

AMC’s temporary Times Square theatre for Mad Men
sported K-array KH4 and KS4 loudspeakers.
New York, NY (August 11, 2010)–AMC’s hit series Mad Men recently made its season’s fourth premiere in New York’s Times Square with the aid of a K-array loudspeaker system.

An impromptu movie theatre consisting of a large screen and VIP seating area was constructed at the intersection of 47th Street and Broadway–one of the busiest intersections in the world–in front of the site’s permanent red bleachers. Present on either side of the stage were K-array’s KH4 and KS4 loudspeakers.

Philadelphia, PA-based Zeo Productions, the live event production division of The Zeo Group, was asked to handle sound for the event. The task was not without its challenges: not only is Times Square among the busiest intersections in the world, there was also rain and wind to deal with during set up. Moreover, the application was unique. The sound system had to be completely unintrusive and ensure a 180-degree line of sight for live spectators–who were not only on the ground and in the stands, but also in nearby buildings. Sonically, the speakers had to be intelligible so both live and pre-recorded content could be clearly understood by those in attendance.

“We chose to go with the K-arrays not only because they have an extremely smooth frequency response, but because maintaining great sightlines to the screen was very important–establishing a clear view for as many spectators as possible was fundamentally important for our client ” commented Zeo. “The KH4 and KS4, which were almost as easy to rig as a flat screen TV, were so thin [6 inches] that they were perfectly flush with the screen. We could not have achieved the same degree of visibility using a traditional array set up.”

The event was a success, covered by international media including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Daily Mail in London among many others. On television, the event was viewed by approximately 2.9 million people in addition to the roughly 7,000 people in attendance.

Aaron Garsky, a Zeo Productions technical engineer, summed up K-array’s Times Square debut: “Everyone I spoke to was very surprised that such a powerful sound could come out of such a small box. All in all, the sound coverage from top to bottom was really smooth. Outdoors, and especially in New York City, there are all sorts of environmental challenges–including winds coming down the skyscraper alleys. With the K-arrays, we were able to keep the audio present, intelligible and controlled. In this application, any other product would have been a step down.”