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Karisma Streamlines with SSL

Montreal, Canada (June 24, 2010)--Karisma Recording Mobile's flagship remote truck now houses a 96-input, 48-fader SSL C200 digital production console.

Montreal, Canada (June 24, 2010)–Karisma Recording Mobile’s flagship remote truck now houses a 96-input, 48-fader SSL C200 digital production console.

“We installed the C200 to handle jobs that would be covered by up to four audio trucks in the States,” says Marcel Gouin, president of Karisma Audio Post Video & Film and Karisma Recording Mobile. Karisma Recording Mobile has recorded many acts performing in and around Montreal, over the years including Celine Dion, Brian Adams, Peter Gabriel, Star Academy and Lady Gaga.

“The budgets are smaller here for concerts and events, so usually, even with major stars, our one remote truck will cover the audio for all the different bands. To bring sanity to this situation, the C200 gives us the ability to have a large number of mic inputs, handle more tracks and be able to do this with one operator within the space limits of our truck. This is a tall order and the C200 has passed with flying colors.”

Since the January install, Karisma has provided the audio services for as varied a lineup as a Gala for Quebec’s Lottery; a benefit for Haiti featuring multiple music acts; a Hockey Academy-type reality series that involves real hockey games; a variety show that ran for ten-weekends; and a Canadian Hall of Fame event for Olympic winners and high profile sport figures.

“I have an analog background using inline consoles over the years and I believe that this is the most enduring way to work,” states Gouin. “SSL has engineered the C200 to give the operator that familiar, time-tested, knob-per-function design while covering a large amount of input channels in only two console pages. Other digital consoles make you sift through four to six pages and that is very inconvenient and sometimes impossible.”

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