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KGW-TV Transitions to HD with Calrec

Hebden Bridge, U.K. (August 12, 2008)--KGW-TV in Portland, OR has installed a Calrec Omega with Bluefin audio console and its Hydra Network as part of the station's January upgrade to HD production.

Hebden Bridge, U.K. (August 12, 2008)–KGW-TV in Portland, OR has installed a Calrec Omega with Bluefin audio console and its Hydra Network as part of the station’s January upgrade to HD production.

Calrec’s digital audio board enables KGW, Portland’s NBC affiliate and the No. 1 news station in the state, to create and store setups for different shows, saving time and enhancing production consistency, which is especially important at a station that prides itself on meeting the fast-paced demands of local news coverage.

“For us, it’s all about keeping the local product strong,” said Eric Dausman, KGW director of technology. “The installation of the Omega console is the culmination of a process of budgeting and evaluation that lasted four years. Remarkably, that time was well spent because in the end, the features we wanted in a console became available very cost effectively in the Omega. And for its part, the Hydra Network is a very neat concept that eliminates the need for us to run mic cabling among multiple studios.”

Calrec’s Omega console is equipped with 160 channel processing paths managed on just one DSP card, providing a lot of power in a small frame. Omega with Calrec’s Bluefin High Density Signal Processing (HDSP) has 8 x 5.1 surround, stereo, or mono audio groups, 20 auxiliary outputs (which can be 20 mono or 10 stereo), and 48 outputs for multitrack general purpose feeds. The console also has two main stereo or 5.1 surround program outputs with full EQ and compressor/limiter facilities.

At KGW, the Hydra Network currently connects the Omega console to two studios, one dedicated to news and one to special productions, thus simplifying infrastructure and eliminating duplication of equipment. KGW plans to add a second Omega console in the future that will also be linked to the Hydra.

KGW-TV is owned by Belo Corp., which owns and operates 20 television stations in the United States.

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