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KRK V6 Powered Closefield Speakers

This compact powered monitor is ideal for surround sound work and small studio environments like DAWs and remote trucks. A two-way active loudspeaker, the V6 is a new, smaller version of the KRK V Series, which includes the KRK V8.

This compact powered monitor is ideal for surround sound work and small studio environments like DAWs and remote trucks. A two-way active loudspeaker, the V6 is a new, smaller version of the KRK V Series, which includes the KRK V8.
Product PointsApplications: Surround sound; project studios; remote trucks

Key Features: Solid construction; gain control (+6 dB to ö30 dB); 21 lb.; 13″ x 9″ x 10″

Price: $799/pair

Contact: KRK Systems at 714-373-4600


+ Detailed sound, sharp imaging

+ Tight bass

+ Smooth and uncolored

+ Solid construction

+ Clear sound makes mixes easy

+ Affordable


– Very slightly bright or forward

The Score: Those looking for big performance in a small package should give the V6 a serious listen.

The V6 ($799 per pair) has a sleek, styled look with impeccable workmanship. The dense, dark gray cabinet is seamlessly rounded on all edges to reduce diffraction. It is so solid that it reminds me of a boulder.

As for drivers, the V6 has a long-stroke polyvinyl woofer 6″ in diameter. The cabinet is ported and the woofer has a high-sensitivity voice coil. The woofer crosses over at 1.9 kHz to a 1″ silk dome tweeter, which is recessed in a waveguide. Both drivers are magnetically shielded for use near computer monitors.

The heat sink, power switch, AC connector and a Neutrik combo connector (balanced XLR and phone jack) that serves as a line-level input are all located on the back. The Neutrik connector can be used with balanced or unbalanced sources. Also on the back is a gain control (+6 dB to -30 dB), which is adjusted with a screwdriver. There are no tone controls. An LED on the front shows whether the power is on. KRK specs the frequency response as 58 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 2 dB. Claimed maximum SPL at 1 meter is 102 dB music, 105 dB peak.

The woofer’s power amp provides 60 W, average, while the tweeter amp puts out 30 W. Amplifier S/N is claimed to be greater than 90 dB. Each V6 weighs 21 lb. and measures 13″ high, 9″wide and 10″ deep.

Circuit protection is an important part of the design. The V6 includes protection against AC power surges and amp overheating. A fuse is on the rear panel. Other circuitry prevents turn-on thumps.

KRK offers an Orbital Surround Solutions option, with each V6 matched within +/- 0.5 dB. When used with the KRK S10 subwoofer, the V6 provides a low-cost surround monitoring system.

The V6 owner’s manual is clear and to-the-point. It covers connections, cabling, placement for stereo and surround, and troubleshooting.

In use

I placed the V6s on stands behind my console, about 10″ from the rear of the speaker to the absorbent wall behind them. Here are my impressions of the V6 reproducing some musical instruments:

Drums: Strong impact, lots of snap.

Kick drum: Tight, fairly deep.

Cymbals and percussion: Clean and crisp. Smoother sounding than some other KRK monitors I have reviewed; slightly too bright on some recordings.

Piano: Uncolored, clear, realistic.

Electric guitar: Lots of edge or “bite.” Aggressive. Not puffy in the lower mids.

Electric bass: Fairly deep, tight. I heard no tubbiness. Volume is uniform from note to note. Very clear; well-balanced with the rest of the audio range. Deep notes are weak but a sub could help this.

Acoustic bass: Full but not overwhelming. Tight and well controlled.

Acoustic guitar: Clear, well defined. Not quite as sweet or delicate as on some other monitors.

Sax: True timbre. Fine balance between warmth and edge; vivid.

Strings: Slightly brighter than real life.

Flute: Breathy.

Voice: Natural, clear. Sibilant with some recordings. These speakers do not smooth over sibilance.

My own mixes: Acoustic guitars sound more aggressive with the V6 monitors. Everything sounds more upfront.

I did some mixes on the KRK V6s. The mixes translated well to other speakers. I found it easy to mix on the V6s because they made everything sound so clear. Overall, the V6 monitors have superb resolution of detail. It’s easy to hear any graininess in a digital reverb. Imaging is sharp. Music played on the V6s tends to sound lively and realistic, with a palpable sense of presence. The speakers have a wide sweetspot and can play fairly loud without audible distortion.


The KRK V6 is well worth your consideration. It sounds clear, detailed and tight, and plays fairly loud. The V6 is uncolored except for a slightly bright top end. Although the deep bass notes lack weight – this is a small speaker – they can be enhanced with a sub.

Since the V6 is self-contained, easy to set up and compact, a group of V6s would be a fine choice for an affordable surround system.