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L-Acoustics Adds to K1-Kudo Pilot Program

Sweden (January 29, 2010)--Swedish rental company Music & Lights has joined the L-Acoustics K1/Kudo pilot program.

L to R: Music & Lights’ Mathias
Andersson (sound engineer and
system tech), Micke Ljungberg
(CEO/owner) and Daniel Rydén
(chief of sound division) await
their K1/Kudo system.

Sweden (January 29, 2010)–Swedish rental company Music & Lights has joined the L-Acoustics K1/Kudo pilot program.

Taking delivery in February, Music & Lights’ system, which will be used for arenas, stadiums and large outdoor festivals, will consist of 48 K1 line source cabinets along with K1-SB and SB28 subwoofers, 36 Kudo line source boxes and LA-RAK touring racks fitted with LA8 amplified controllers.

“We have been looking for a full-sized system for a period of time and set up a list of criteria that the new system should meet,” says Micke Ljungberg, CEO and owner of Music & Lights. “We wanted a long-term collaboration rather than just buying a lot of boxes, and not until we started looking at L-Acoustics and K1 were all our boxes ticked. We are thrilled to join the K1 pilot program and feel confident that this will be a good investment for the future.

“What we felt was lacking was sonic performance, power, rigging and safety,” he says. “After 25 years in the business not much makes me react the way I did when I first heard the K1 system; I was really stunned by the work L-Acoustics had put in. They have managed to get the frequency response to be consistent all the way to the off-axis limit point, something I’ve never heard on any system to this day.”

Music & Lights