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L-Acoustics Kudos Tour Maximo Park

Redditch, England (July 1, 2009)--UK rental company SSE recently supplied an L-Acoustics Kudo line source system for Maximo Park's sellout UK tour.

L-Acoustics K series SB28s
on tour with Maximo ParkRedditch, England (July 1, 2009)–UK rental company SSE recently supplied an L-Acoustics Kudo line source system for Maximo Park’s sellout UK tour.

Due to the variety of venues along the tour route, the daily PA set-up ranged from six groundstacked Kudo per side for the smaller venues, through to 13 Kudo cabinets flown per side at the two Brixton Academy shows. This system–powered by nine LA8 amplified controllers in three LA-RAK units–also incorporated eight SB28 subwoofers, three dV-Dosc cabinets across the stage for front-fill, and four Arcs for in-fill around the venue.

“Kudo’s an incredibly powerful system for its size,” says Maximo Park’s FOH engineer Huw Richards. “It’s a punky show, so we need a system which can throw out and provide plenty of headroom. For the smaller venues, it’s been really easy to groundstack. L-Acoustics has obviously put some thought into this, as although it’s a hefty box it’s remarkably stable.”

“Using the LA8s, the amount of power we’ve been consuming has been remarkably small,” says system tech Nick Pain. “We haven’t been drawing more than 25 amps per leg on three-phase which is an incredibly small amount for the amount of noise that comes out. This bodes really well for the new K series, the SB28s and the K1, which SSE has just taken delivery of.”

Both engineers were taken with Kudo’s K-Louver technology, which can be adjusted to provide a choice of four dispersion patterns. “In venues like Brixton, where the PA is close to the side walls, the last thing you want is a big wide box splashing the walls, wasting energy and causing problems for the FOH engineer,” says Pain. “I can set the louvers asymmetrically so I’m firing wide into the center of the room and narrow against the wall. We could almost get away without the dV-Doscs we’re using for in-fill in the center of the stage; they’re really just there to add a little more sparkle.”