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Lacquer Installs Prism

Toronto, Canada (August 25, 2010)--Mastering engineer Phil Demetro, co-owner of The Lacquer Channel in Toronto, recently purchased Prism Sound equipment. 

Toronto, Canada (August 25, 2010)–Mastering engineer Phil Demetro, co-owner of The Lacquer Channel in Toronto, recently purchased Prism Sound equipment.

Demetro says, “I use a Prism Sound Dream DA-1 converter in my process chain and this provides Digital to Analog conversion to get WAV files off of my computer and into my analog console. Once there, my main AD is a Dream AD-2 Analog to Digital converter, which helps me get digitally back into the DAW. I then use a Dream DA-2 to monitor everything that is selected from my Dangerous Music Monitor section–my speakers/amp are fed by a Dream DA-2. Playing all of my multiple sources through this one DA has not only helped me do great sounding and consistent work, but it also enables me to easily know where I am at any given point.”

Demetro has worked at The Lacquer Channel since 1997, when he joined as an assistant to chief mastering engineer George Graves. He spent many years tackling tape copy and production work and doing Q.C. on masters before anything went out the door.

Now, he continues, “Everything we do goes through the Prism Sound path and I remain astounded by the sound quality of these converters. There is just this effortless, liquid presentation that features all the detail and image presentation I could ask for. I own and have owned other brands of converters but the Prism Sound equipment just allows me to get my sound faster and, in the case of the AD-2, allows me all the headroom I need to be competitive.

The Lacquer Channel is consistently busy and in recent months Demetro and his team have worked on projects such as the new dual Hawksley Workman releases Milk and Meat, a release entitled Steel City Trawlers from Sarah McLaughlin’s guitarist, Luke Doucet, and a song from Metric, “Eclipse (All Yours),” that appears on the Twilight soundtrack.

Prism Sound