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Lawo Fields Strong Olympic Team

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (February 26, 2010)--Dozens of Lawo consoles and routers are being used in Vancouver and Whistler during the Winter Olympic Games.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (February 26, 2010)–Dozens of Lawo consoles and routers are being used in Vancouver and Whistler during the Winter Olympic Games.

Germany’s public broadcasters ARD and ZDF both have a control room in the International Broadcast Center (IBC) and a studio in the Mountain Broadcast Center (MBC) in Vancouver and Whistler respectively, and also broadcast from the “Deutsche Haus.” In Mainz, Germany, ZDF’s new HD control room, which is used solely for the Olympic broadcast, is equipped with a Lawo mc≤66 providing the 5.1 mix. Audio is mixed in ARD and ZDF’s Mobile Production Unit (MPE) on a Lawo mc≤90 in Vancouver and a Lawo mc≤56 in Whistler, and fed to Mainz. A redundantly designed Nova73 HD serves as the router.

ARD radio has 50 staff members on-site plus Lawo equipment including an mc≤56 console and five crystal radio consoles.

Belgian TV service provider Alfacam, hired by the host broadcaster, is using a total of nine OB vans equipped with mc≤66 consoles.

Canada’s national broadcaster CTV is covering the Winter Games with a total of 12 Lawo systems. These include two mc≤56 consoles, a Nova73 HD for broadcast covering curling, two Nova73 HD routers at the ice hockey matches, as well as five mc≤56 systems and two zirkonXL radio consoles at the IBC in Vancouver.

Finnish broadcaster YLE is using two crystal consoles and one zirkon in Vancouver and Whistler respectively, while Swedish national broadcaster SVT is employing an mc≤66 in both locations. In Helsinki, YLE also has an mc≤66 in their Studio 25. For HD productions, the HD-1 OB van from HD Resources is used, also fitted with an mc≤66.

As in Beijing in 2008, CCTV, the Chinese state broadcaster, also relies on Lawo equipment. Its mobile control room features two DALLIS frames and an mc≤66.

Rental companies Gearhouse, Presteigne Charter and Audio Broadcast Services (ABS) are also supporting customers with Lawo equipment.