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Lectrosonics Mute Switch

This belt-mount unit reportedly silences the audio signal without any clicks and pops.

Fast Facts


Lectrosonics |
Designed for use with the company’s belt-pack transmitters, the Mute Switch is a belt-mount unit that provides audio muting. The Mute switch is an active device that is powered by any 5-pin Lectrosonics transmitter, including the new Servo Input transmitters such as the SM Series, LMa and UM400a. It works with most 2- and 3-wire lavalier microphones wired according to Lectrosonics guidelines. The Mute uses an optically coupled switch to reportedly silence the audio signal without any clicks and pops, even when located in a strong RF field. The unit’s toggle switch is weather-resistant, and the included cable has weather-resistant vinyl boots at each end.