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Liberty Reorganizes Sales Force

Colorado Springs, CO (November 10, 2010)--Liberty AV Solutions has revealed plans to realign the company’s sales force across the U.S.

Colorado Springs, CO (November 10, 2010)–Liberty AV Solutions has revealed plans to realign the company’s sales force across the U.S.

Following on the heels of a previous announcement that David Ellis had been named as director of Western regional sales and Dan Reich began serving as his counterpart in the East, official news from Liberty headquarters bares details of an inside/outside sales model that will be put into place.

The reorganized sales force will introduce direct sales associates into the field that will work with existing independent manufacturer’s reps. Calling upon customers daily in their respective territories, these outside sales associates will be teamed with inside sales people possessing both product knowledge and extensive sales experience of their own.

“The motivating factor behind this move is to provide an exceptional customer experience,” Dace said. “It’s our belief that investing in a sales team like this will help us deliver the best customer service within the AV industry, and help us grow our market share, in turn.”

As part of the launch of the newly reorganized sales force, Kevin Cole has been named as inside sales manager. Working from Liberty’s Colorado Springs headquarters, Cole will oversee the activities of all inside-/outside-teaming efforts.

As part of the announcement, Dace also made it clear that Liberty has no intentions of usurping the power and place of its network of independent manufacturer’s reps. “These changes will position Liberty for substantial growth over the next several years by taking advantage of all our strengths,” he added. “The independent reps that have served us so well over the years are part of the solid bedrock that supports our sales, and will continue to be into the future.”

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