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Line 6 POD Farm Plug-in

If you're a fan of Line 6 POD guitar/bass sounds, you'll dig this piece of software.

POD Farm — priced at $139 and $419 for the Platinum package ($99 and $299 street) — is their latest plug-in, available in several different configurations, including a version for iLok users and another for Line 6 hardware owners. Both versions are DAW-based, but differ by the user’s preferred method of copy protection. The latter version, POD Farm for POD Studio audio interfaces, also includes Tone Direct, which runs in front of the DAW for POD tone without latency. Either version runs via AU/VST/RTAS on Mac and RTAS/VST on Windows.

Aside from choosing which config you want from above, you can select two different versions. The first is POD Farm, which features 18 guitar amps, 24 cabinets, five bass amps and cabinets, 29 stomp box and studio effects and six mic preamps. The second is POD Farm Platinum, which has 78 amps, 24 cabs, 28 bass amps with 22 cabs, 97 stompbox and Studio Effects. Both also provide what Line 6 calls “Dual Tone” functionality. It’s a cool feature in that it lets you split the guitar signal and play through two full setups.

The selection of amps/cabs and effects is massive — see the Line 6 website for all of them. Most notably, it includes Fender Bassman and Deluxe Reverb, Marshall Super Lead and Silver Jubilee, Supro Thunderbolt and plenty of Line 6 models. For cabs, you have 4X12 Boogie, 4X10 Bassman, 2X12 Roland JC-120, an 8X10 Ampeg SVT, and more. Pedals and effects range from the Universal Audio/Teletronix LA-2A and Ibanez Tube Screamer to Fender Deluxe Reverb Tremolo and a Maestro Boomerang Wah. Additionally, there are Neve, API, and Avalon preamp models.

For my review, I downloaded the POD Farm plug-in for iLok and ran it on my Pro Tools system. It’s not TDM (bummer!), so I ran it RTAS with the H/W buffer settings as low as possible. The layout is simple with three buttons on the left: Gear, Panel, and Presets. From there, you select accordingly. as Gear brings up a fast-moving carousel from which you can drag and drop amps, distortions, delays, reverbs, etc., into Signal Flow View area.

Panel brings up a large display for tweaking amps, pedals, cabs, etc., and Presets. Up top, on the Main Control Bar, there’s Input/Output metering, the Dual (for Dual Tone) selector and Preset Name/Display.

I’ve been using Amp Farm since it came out years ago, and this is a whole new animal. A run through the presets such as Ace Lick, Bowie Fripp, La Grange and Tape Echo will get you adjusted quickly. Line 6 did a great job with this release, and its integration with POD hardware was a wise move. POD Farm not only sounds killer, it’s also fun to use, both on guitar and bass. You’ll find yourself lost in a sea of creative options until the sun rises.

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Rich Tozzoli is a producer, composer, sound designer, and the software editor for Pro Audio Review.