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Lancaster, PA (April 19, 2011)--Linear Acoustic has debuted its AERO.calm--Coded Audio Loudness Manager.

 Lancaster, PA (April 19, 2011)–Linear Acoustic has debuted its AERO.calm–Coded Audio Loudness Manager.

“AERO.calm is the only television audio processor capable of controlling loudness and dynamic range without affecting the original content,” according to Tim Carroll, founder of Linear Acoustic. “Broadcasters can rest easy knowing they are legally compliant, bolstering ratings by satisfying viewers, and still preserving the captivating audio experience intended by program producers.”

AERO.calm is the culmination of years of research into loudness control and audio and metadata processing. A hybrid of sophisticated multiband audio analysis and metadata control, audio can be processed in a consumer-reversible manner, permanently for non-critical material, or anywhere in between. Smooth and consistent by default, individual viewers can choose to hear the full range of the original content if they desire. Versions of AERO.calm are available to handle baseband AES/SDI audio, DVB-ASI and transport stream over IP.

Linear Acoustic