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Loud Technologies Loud-A-Palooza for Sales Reps

Woodinville, WA (October 13, 2004)--Last month, more than 200 of Loud Technologies' worldwide sales team descended on the company's headquarters in Woodinville, WA for "Loud-A-Palooza," a weekend of product training culminating with a celebration in honor of Mackie's 15th anniversary.

Woodinville, WA (October 13, 2004)–Last month, more than 200 of Loud Technologies’ worldwide sales team descended on the company’s headquarters in Woodinville, WA for “Loud-A-Palooza,” a weekend of product training culminating with a celebration in honor of Mackie’s 15th anniversary.

The Loud marketing team converted its Woodinville warehouse into a full-service, hands-on training facility that was equal parts entertaining and educational. Loud Technologies director of Marketing Communications Adrian Bell, noted, “As soon as our attendees stepped off their buses onto a red carpet lined with cheering Loud employees huddled in the drizzly Washington rain, they knew that this was going to be much more than a typical training seminar. And it only got better from there. When they entered the facility, jaws literally dropped as eyes scanned the room, taking in what we had worked so hard to create. The energy level and excitement was incredible and only built as the event kicked off.”

Providing hands-on time with products and direct access to product managers was a key educational ingredient in the Loud-a-Palooza formula. A total of six classrooms were constructed and filled with Mackie, Tapco, EAW and EAW Commercial branded products. Both overview and deep technical courses were offered covering a breadth of topics including Mackie Recording products, the Digital X Bus, and the TT24 Digital Live Console, to EAW touring products and the EAW Commercial family.

Capping off the final night of Loud-a-Palooza was the Mackie 15-Year Anniversary Party. In attendance were hundreds of domestic and international representatives from the Mackie family as well as friends from the pro audio industry and fans from all over the world.

The night began with a series of “Honorary Mackoid” awards, presented to valued friends of Mackie by the company’s founding father, Greg Mackie, followed by a 20-minute Mackie 15-Year Anniversary Video, filled with Mackie follies and humor. Local funk-soul-rock band Maktub immediately followed the movie, along with performances by Playboy Mansion percussionist Ravi and Seattle’s own DJ Tone.

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