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Major Burglary At Focusrite and Novation Headquarters

August 15, 2005, was a gloomy day for Focusrite and its sister company, Novation.

Bucks, UK (August 17, 2005)–Monday, Aug. 15, was a gloomy day for Focusrite and its sister company, Novation. As the morning unfolded, it became clear that the companies had been the victim of a major burglary. Not only were many of the office computers stolen, but more than £250,000 of stock was also taken.

Missing stock included a host of classic REDs, ISA and Platinum rack-mount units, Novation X-Station keyboards, and the recently launched Saffire desktop interface.

Fortunately, Focusrite has software backup solutions in place, so the company was able to fully function within 48 hours and, thanks to Computer Warehouse, promptly reinstalled computers.

Focsurite has since significantly reinforced its security measures.

Available on Focusrite’s website ( is a list of the serial numbers for the stolen units. In a bid to catch the perpetrators, Focusrite is offering a substantial reward for any information that leads to a conviction as well as a complete Focusrite and Novation recording studio, including Focusrite’s Saffire and Platinum Compounder alongside Novation’s X-Station 25.

Should you have any information that might be useful, please contact Focusrite directly, at 01-494-836307.

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