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Marantz Premieres PMD580 Compact Digital Recorder

Itasca, IL (July 30, 2009)--Marantz Professional has premiered its PMD580 solid-state recorder, the latest addition to the company's family of rackmount digital recorders.

Itasca, IL (July 30, 2009)–Marantz Professional has premiered its PMD580 solid-state recorder, the latest addition to the company’s family of rackmount digital recorders.

The PMD580 uses Compact Flash (CF) as its recording medium, so there are no moving parts. The unit brings many of the same features found in the other PMD Series recorders but adds a new dimension: network connectivity. Via its Ethernet port, the PMD580 can be positioned as a network device, allowing users to set menu parameters, schedule recording events, and transfer and archive audio files, all by using a web-based GUI interface from any PC in the network. Network accessibility allows users of solid-state digital recording devices, such as universities and government agencies, the ability to archive audio files even at designated times, and helps to manage multiple units.

The PMD580 also has an internal clock for scheduling recording events. For instance, lectures could be automatically scheduled for recording, multiple events can be scheduled via the web interface and recorded files can then be downloaded to a local PC using drag-and-drop. Files can also be uploaded automatically to a server or network location, at a user-specified time or immediately upon the conclusion of a scheduled recording.

The unit also adds balanced XLR inputs and outputs, S/PDIF as well as AES/EBU digital interfaces and RS-232 control. The PMD580 offers mp3 and WAV recording formats, and users can select between 16- and 24-bit resolution.