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Mark Plati Gives His Studio A Facelift With Help From Tekserve

New York, NY (January 26, 2006)--Producer/engineer and musician Mark Plati recently turned to Tekserve to upgrade his NYC recording studio, Alice's Restaurant.

New York, NY (January 26, 2006)–Producer/engineer and musician Mark Plati recently turned to Tekserve to upgrade his NYC recording studio, Alice’s Restaurant.

Mark PlatiPlati’s Mac G4 had blown a tire, his SCSI II drives were aging, and running on OS 9 was causing compatibility issues. Plati, who played with David Bowie for seven years, wanted to beef up his studio, but he had to be sure that the upgrade would be flexible and long lasting. He decided to talk to Tekserve about a new system.

“I needed an entirely new, up-to-date computer music setup, which meant a CPU, a Pro Tools HD mix system, audio interfaces, cabling, HD storage, OSX plug ins–the works,” said Plati, who also used his new system at Electric Lady Studios. “I also wanted to upgrade Logic Audio to 7.1, and get some additional goodies I’d always wanted as well. Ideally, I wanted a system that would last a while and not become outdated in six months.”

So, Plati called the head of Tekserve’s Pro Audio department, Chris Payne, with whom he had a previous relationship. Payne, who was familiar with Plati’s setup, was able to work with him to pick the best equipment that would be conducive to flexibility and longevity. Tekserve’s senior pro audio technician Derek Davis then paid Plati a visit to install the system and tweak it to his specifications.

“I don’t usually get that level of service or follow-up, even with gear I purchase in town as opposed to over the Internet,” continued Plati. “Tekserve’s door is always open as far as questions or maintenance, and they keep me up to date on software and other developments as far as my system is concerned. Basically, they brought me into digital recording circa 2005. I’d been resisting such a jump for a while, and they made it completely painless. There was a bit of a learning curve involved with the new system, further complicated by the fact that I had to begin doing sessions on it immediately, and they helped me through that as well.”