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Mastering Engineer Joe Lambert Joins Trutone

New York, NY (May 9, 2005)--Mastering engineer Joe Lambert recently joined Trutone’s new NYC mastering complex. At a time of significant change for the studio world, the move underscores the significance of expert mastering skills.

New York, NY (May 9, 2005)–Mastering engineer Joe Lambert recently joined Trutone’s new NYC mastering complex. At a time of significant change for the studio world, the move underscores the significance of expert mastering skills.

“It’s not just a question of EQ and volume,” Lambert said, “the entire context of a recording needs to be carefully considered. Low cost options for computer, DAW and plug-in mixing have given many new artists and producers a false sense of security and empowerment. My clients have been amazed at the dramatic improvement in sound quality after professional mastering.”
Joe Lambert in his studio at Trutone Mastering, NYC. Photo by Robin Gentile Photography.
During his five-year tenure at NYC’s Classic Sound Studios, Lambert accrued a uniquely eclectic discography. His credits range from KD Lang, Twisted Sister, John Lee Hooker, Jefferson Airplane, The Fiery Furnaces, The Fugs, and Martha Reeves to the cast recording of Fiddler On The Roof.

“It’s hard to imagine a more diverse client base,” said Trutone co-founder Adrianna Rowatti. “We’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to master any style of music, from rap to jazz and Latin, but Joe has really run the gamut. He approaches mastering as an exercise in listening, not just to the music, but to the artist and producer. He can read a client’s artistic goals and improve the sound and structure of every project, no matter how raw or polished.”

“Trutone has built a terrific reputation over the past 25 years,” Lambert added. “I’d reached a career point where a move made sense. Mutual friends suggested I contact Carl Rowatti. We hit it off immediately and I was very impressed with their new studios. Acoustically, they’re perfect. It’s probably not coincidental that architect John Storyk designed both Trutone and my former home base.

Lambert brought in a Pro Tools HD to address the multiplicity of file formats and to compliment his primary Sonic Solutions High Density Mastering system. The studio was already outfitted with Ampex ATR-102 and Studer A-80 tape decks, boasting dual quarter and half-inch head stacks, each offering its own distinctive character. Trutone technology was further augmented with the addition of Prism Dream AD-2 and a pair of new Lavry M.DA 824 converters for monitoring.

Trutone’s in-house tech guru Carlos Cordero performed extensive modifications on their vintage Neumann SP-78 Mastering console to facilitate the addition of the Manley Stereo Variable MU compressor – mastering version; Manley Massive Passive, and a Weiss EQ1 MK 2 digital EQ. “I was really happy to find a Sontec EQ here,” Lambert said, “It’s an irreplaceable tool. That, coupled with Pultec EQH-2 tube EQ’s epitomize the best combination of the high-tech and vintage gear. This studio represents my fantasy mastering room.”

Two of Lambert’s initial projects at Trutone were The Last Cathedral, by Violet, an indie rock group produced by Adam Lasus, and Sondheim Sings, a compilation of 30 years of Stephen Sondheim playing and performing demos of his most unforgettable work. Lambert reported, “Tommy Krasker, president of PS Classic, the label releasing the anthology was ecstatic with the sound of the finished master.”

Trutone co-principal and mastering wizard Carl Rowatti, points to the seismic shifts in NY’s recording studio scene coupled with a marked increase in new projects as catalysts for bringing Lambert on board. “With the closing of a number of long-established studios we’ve begun to see a substantial surge in our business,” he said. “We needed a high-caliber mastering engineer, and Joe’s decision to move here was extremely timely. I was also pleased to find him genuinely interested in adding analog disk cutting to his roster of client services. This Trutone specialty represents a substantial portion of our overall business. We’re very glad to have him on our team.

“The demand for vinyl is growing broader than we ever anticipated. We’re constantly on call by Def Jam, Island Records, Caroline and many top Latin artists and dance club DJ’s. In fact, we just purchased three additional lathes from the Hit Factory. The closing of that legendary studio has also provided us with another top engineer, Tippy Tarochione,” Rowatti concluded. “In his nearly seven years at The Hit Factory, he’s engineered for such artists as: Usher, Pink, Ludacris, Amerie and Glenn Lewis. He’s bright and talented, and he really rounds out the Trutone family.”

Located at 321 West 44th Street in NYC, Trutone also maintains a Hackensack, NJ pressing plant and Music On The Run, a store front operation in midtown NY which provides same day CDR, DVD-R dupes as well as promo materials for local artists and producers.

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