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MediaMatrix Debuts Ntouch Controllers

New York (June 29, 2009)--MediaMatrix by Peavey launched its new nTouch Series control interfaces at InfoComm 2009 in Orlando.

New York (June 29, 2009)–MediaMatrix by Peavey launched its new nTouch Series control interfaces at InfoComm 2009 in Orlando.

The nTouch 180 and nTouch 60 interfaces, consisting of touch-screen interactive controllers designed for remotely controlling audio systems designed in MediaMatrix NWare software for the NION platform, feature full-color, resistive touch-screen panels that measure approximately 7″ (180 mm) and 2.4″ (60 mm) diagonally, respectively. The nTouch panels display and control projects hosted on a MediaMatrix NION or nControl processor.

Based on an Intel Atom N270 CPU, the nTouch 180 controller runs an embedded version of NWare Kiosk software for NION, the control arm of NWare system design software. System designers can program the nTouch in NWare and then control an audio project designed in NWare from a remote location. Once the nTouch is programmed, it runs independently of external computers and connects to a NION or nControl via Ethernet network. Mounting options include surface, panel, flush and general VESA mounting. The nTouch 180 is powered by 12VDC.

The nTouch 60 works in conjunction with the nControl to provide the same functionality as the nTouch 180 in a smaller format. The nTouch 60 communicates directly with the nControl or NION processor over Ethernet or an EIA-485 network. Power is provided over Ethernet or via 12-48VDC. The nTouch 60 features an OLED screen for quality graphics and mounts via standard NEMA 1-gang.

• Touch-screen user interface
• 180 mm and 60 mm formats
• Operate screens by hand or stylus
• Runs NWare Kiosk software for control of projects created in NWare
• nTouch 180 mounts via standard VESA 75 mount
• nTouch 60 mounts via standard NEMA 1-gang mount
• nTouch 180 software upgradeable via USB stick
• Low power requirements