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Puidoux, Switzerland (March 29, 2011)--A film recorded, edited and mixed on Merging's DAW has won a César, the Francophone world's Oscar equivalent.

Jean GoudierPuidoux, Switzerland (March 29, 2011)–A film recorded, edited and mixed on Merging’s DAW has won a César, the Francophone world’s Oscar equivalent.

The film, 2010’s Gainsbourg, about the celebrated wayward musical genius Serge Gainsbourg, received the award for Meilleur Son (Best Sound). The award was made to the sound engineers who worked on the soundtrack to the film: Daniel Sobrino, mix engineer Cyril Holtz and sound editor Jean Goudier, who worked on Soundstage 9 at the Auditorium de Boulogne for the final post production mix.

Commenting just after the awards, Goudier said, “On a film like Gainsbourg, which recounts the life of one of the most brilliant French songwriters, composers and artists of all time, the soundtrack was clearly of paramount importance. It seemed to me that there was a strong argument for using Pyramix on this project, not just for its functionality, but above all for its matchless sonic qualities.”

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