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Metric Halo Delivers for Gardner

New York, NY (July 27, 2010)--Film and TV sound mixer Graham Gardner has been using Metric Halo's FireWire ULN-8.

New York, NY (July 27, 2010)–Film and TV sound mixer Graham Gardner has been using Metric Halo’s FireWire ULN-8.

“I love the sound of the Metric Halo ULN-8,” said Gardner. “There are only a few sound recorders that are manufactured specifically for the television and film industry, and I’ve found the ULN-8 to be more sonically transparent with a greater flexibility allowing me to both customize my workflow and deliver an excellent product. In addition, the Metric Halo ULN-8 has more IO and greater DSP capabilities than virtually any of the other recorders in its price point.”

The ULN-8 features eight mic preamps, eight 192 kHz A/D converters, eight 192 kHz D/A converters, a headphone output and a DSP engine. The DSP provides instantiable processing on any input or output, along with a full-blown, fully-matrixable mixer accessed via the virtual “MIO console.”

The ULN-8 is also powered via DC, allowing Gardner to run it off the 12V battery on his cart. “Typically, a sound mixer uses a high-quality mixer which then feeds the recorder. With the ULN-8, it’s all in one. I simply use a control surface to ride the faders,” said Gardner, who has used the ULN-8 on his past four features, the last of which is a “Farrelly/Wessler movie” currently in production.

Gardner recently finished work for the Wildheart Group, which is producing On Record: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, a documentary exploring the cultural impacts of recorded music. “A month later, the response from the head of the post production team was that after 1,100 hours of interviews, some three hundred people and performances, I had delivered the best sound in the lot,” remarked Gardner. “In the film and TV worlds, it is rare to receive a mild complement, let alone such unabashed praise. I attribute a great share of that success to Metric Halo.”

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