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Meyer Sound Debuts CAL Column Array Loudspeakers

Berkeley, CA (January 29, 2010)--Meyer Sound has announced CAL, a new series of self-powered, steerable column array loudspeakers.

Berkeley, CA (January 29, 2010)–Meyer Sound has announced CAL, a new series of self-powered, steerable column array loudspeakers.

Designed for highly reverberant environments, the Meyer Sound CAL steerable column array loudspeakers aim to provide vertical coverage control and low-distortion sound. The vertical beam can be angled up or down 30 degrees and can be configured with vertical beam widths from five to 60 degrees. Multiple or split beams can be used as needed to fit the application.

Using a range of vertical control presets programmed for the steerable column array loudspeakers, system integrators can choose the angle and dispersion to project sound where needed while avoiding surfaces that interfere with speech signal transmissions. According to the company, in acoustically challenging spaces such as churches, mosques, airports, cruise ships, stadiums, and theme parks, voice reproduction and audio coverage can be achieved with fewer, strategically placed loudspeakers.

The CAL steerable column array loudspeakers incorporate digital signal processing as found in the Meyer Sound D-Mitri digital audio platform, and are built upon sound directivity research in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley’s Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT).

Designed by Meyer Sound engineers to be used for sound field synthesis applications and optimized for beam steering, each driver and tweeter is powered by a dedicated amplifier channel to control the vertical behavior. CAL provides 120 degrees of horizontal coverage and is available in three versions of column lengths, ranging from less than one meter up to 1.8 meters to meet an installation’s power and coverage requirements, operating across a frequency range of 150 Hz to 10 kHz. CAL supports AES/EBU digital and AVB-enabled Ethernet inputs in addition to line level analog inputs, and is equipped with the RMS remote monitoring system. Available options include weather protection and custom color finishes.

CAL loudspeakers will begin shipping in December 2010.

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