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Midas Extends Console Series With Pro3 Pro9

Las Vegas (June 17, 2010)--Midas extended its Pro Series of digital audio systems with the introduction of the Pro9 and Pro3 consoles at InfoComm.

Shown with the new Midas Pro9
digital Console at InfoComm are
(l-r): John Oakley, managing director,
Midas Klark Teknik; Uli Behringer,
chairman, MUSIC Group; Jonathan
Chitty, director, sales, Midas Klark
Teknik; and Richard Ferriday, brand
development mgr., Midas Klark Teknik.

Las Vegas (June 17, 2010)–Midas extended its Pro Series of digital audio systems with the introduction of the Pro9 and Pro3 consoles at InfoComm.

The new consoles share the same sonic character and control surface of the established Pro6, including VCA and POPulation group controls, onboard effects and dynamics processing.

The Pro3 is designed to bring these features within reach of tighter budgets, offering 48 input channels with remote controlled mic pres, 27 buses and six stereo effects. At the heart of the Pro3 is the DL251 fixed format, 5U I/O rack, designed as a more cost-effective solution for those not requiring the flexibility of Midas modular I/O hardware.

Pro9 tops the Midas Pro Series, featuring an 88-channel input count and 35 buses. I/O box options include the DL251 fixed format stage box and the DL431 24 channel 5-way mic splitter, offering three mic preamps per channel and dual digital network connections, both with full redundancy. The dual stage boxes offer placement flexibility up to 200m apart and 500m from the FOH position.

Should end-users of the Pro3 and Pro6 require more connectivity over time, the Pro3 can be upgraded to a Pro6 or Pro9, and the Pro6 to Pro9 capabilities.

A fuller range of I/O options expanded at InfoComm time include the DL431, DL251, the 64-channel DL351 and 24-channel DL451, the latter pair supporting five different I/O modules, ranging from AES3 digital I/O to remote controlled mic pres and line level interface. The fixed-format, 48-in 16-out, all-analog remote DL251 and DL252 stageboxes can also be used as a stand-alone snake system for restricted budget applications. All the systems are connected using standard CAT5e cables carrying the AES50 multichannel audio and control protocol, and provide a standard 100m range. This can be extended up to 3,000m with the new Klark Teknik DN9650 network bridge.

The modular DN9650 and dual engine DN9652 allow the AES50 interfaces on Midas XL8 and Pro Series digital audio systems and Klark Teknik’s DN9696 high resolution audio recorders to connect to third-party multichannel digital audio networks. Supported formats include MADI, Audinate Dante, Aviom A-Net, Cirrus Logic CobraNet and Digigram EtherSound. utilising network modules designed and manufactured by Lab X Technologies, Audinate and Cirrus Logic.

The new interface options are also being used to extend Midas’ XL8 console series. “Responding to requests from the installation, house of worship and theatre markets,” Midas says the new XL8i installation console is more cost-effective than the XL8, using the new interfaces to create an input/output configuration that reduces the number of rack-mounted boxes needed while actually increasing connectivity. Further, Midas sees the XL8i as equally applicable to touring applications which do not require the XL8’s standard 96-channel 5-way active mic splitter system.

“All the new systems use exactly the same technology and components as the XL8 and Pro6,” says John Oakley, managing director of Midas Klark Teknik. “This is a perfect example of the way our highly advanced networked audio strategy allows us to bring new products to the market very quickly.”

Midas/Klark Teknik