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Midas Pro6 Mixes Jets Sonic Boom

New York (July 13, 2010)--Australian band Jet is on the road in America with FOH engineer Kyle Chirnside manning, a Midas Pro6 desk at FOH.

New York (July 13, 2010)–Australian band Jet is on the road in America with FOH engineer Kyle Chirnside manning, a Midas Pro6 desk at FOH.

“I’ve been using the Pro6 for two years now. It’s my console of choice,” says Chirnside of the desk supplied by Big Mo Pro in Parsippany, New Jersey. “In fact, we did the first few shows on this tour without it, and I can tell you, it makes a huge difference. With the digital snake system and on-board processing, the Pro6 really makes everything easier, and helps us get the most out the house rigs we encounter.”

Jet is also considering doing a live album, so all shows on the tour are being recorded. For that task, Chirnside opted for the Klark Teknik DN9696 high resolution audio recorder. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Midas digital consoles, the DN9696 is a 5 RU rack-mount device offering 96 tracks of recording at 96 kHz/24-bit resolution. “The 9696 has been flawless for us,” says Chirnside. “We’re taking the channel outputs right after the preamps via fiber, pre-fader, with no processing. The recorder sits in monitor world, so Will Burston is watching it during the show. But really, once you’ve got your trim set, all you have to do is hit Record and let it go. We’re using a total of 36 channels, including 5 channels of ambient miking. Channel gain has basically stayed the same since the first day we started recording, so capturing and storing each performance is practically automatic.”

On the Pro6, Chirnside uses the Midas POPulation Groups and VCAs to provide quick access to all elements of his mix. Jet is a classic 5-piece rock band, with two guitars, bass, drums and keyboards, with all five members contributing vocals. Chirnside dedicates five of the Pro6’s six POP Groups to each band member, with the sixth Group carrying all the vocals. “That way, I can pull up any individual with one button-push, and I still have all my VCAs available as separate submixes,” he notes.

Chirnside, an early Pro6 adopter who has been using the Midas digital for two full years now, sees it as the ultimate console for tours not traveling with their own PA. “I’ll tell you, from using house desks on the first few shows of this tour to when we picked up the Pro6, it makes a huge difference,” he reports. “It really livens up the sound of these old house rigs. In virtually every venue we’ve played, the house engineer is amazed at how good their system sounds when it’s played through this console.”