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Midas Updates XL8 Software

London (September 16, 2009)--Midas has released the latest software upgrade for the XL8 Live Performance System.

London (September 16, 2009)–Midas has released the latest software upgrade for the XL8 Live Performance System.

This major functional upgrade is available free of charge to XL8 owners, and sports a new feature set targeted specifically at theatrical applications.

Most digital consoles will perform crossfades between two snapshots: a timed transition between two fader positions. The new XL8 v1.11 software allows the user not only to crossfade fader levels on a global basis, but to configure one or multiple groups within each snapshot recall, which can fade up and down, and at different rates of change. These ‘morph’ groups can be used perform the more common fader transitions, but other console parameters such as bus sends and pan positions, including surround imaging, can be programmed to morph between two states, as automated timed events. Fade-in and fade-out times can be configured separately, and specific ‘switched’ events can be triggered at the start or end of each morph process.

Hardware provision in the form of a jog wheel is included for instant user intervention to speed up, slow down or pause the morph process at any time during a transition.

“XL8 v1.11 continues to advance the XL8 platform,” says Midas and Klark Teknik brand development manager Richard Ferriday. “It’s another example of Midas’ continuing commitment to listen to our customers, support XL8 investors and keep the worlds’ finest available live audio mixing system in pole position.”

The new XL8 v1.11 functionality will also be available to PRO6 owners